Friday, June 24, 2011

Deep healing.

LTLYM Task 40
Step 1) Take a deep breath, gather some shiny things (crystals are a good option, as they emit magic and light, but if I am being honest, I would say any shiny thing would do. Alfoil. Old necklaces. Go crazy!)
Step 2) Place as many lights as you own in one room. Candles promote bonus healing.
Step 3) Make sure that you are playing a song that makes you sad, but not in a way you can express with tears or your hands.
Step 5) Collect an animal. I chose to collect two. They are mainly there for comfort, but it is important that you kiss them on the head. I worry about this sometimes as I do not want them to think that I feel powerful over them, because no one can control something wild, and we are all wild.
Step 6) Move around with the objects you have. Light is an object. Remember this is a step, not a rule, so you can do it however you please. Movement is important, and so is touch. Touch everything you can because it makes you real.
Step 7) Wear something you love, and bless you if that is your own skin.
Step 8) Share this all. You may make noises, don't worry. You may not share this process with anyone for a while, or you may do it straight away. When you do, you will know that you are not scared anymore, and then you will know that you are healed.

Note: There will be tears.

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